TeamViewer Online Support for VERIS

  1. Online support using the secure TeamViewer platform is available This software requires only that you have fast Internet access from your VERIS system.
  2. All online support sessions must be scheduled in advance by email communication with or by a telephone call to EDI at 650-631-0120.
  3. To install the TeamViewer Quick Support application:
    1. Download the EDI TeamViewer Quick Support application by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page for the version of OS X that you are using.
    2. Open the disk image (.dmg) file by double-clicking on it if it does not open automatically.
    3. Move or copy the TeamViewer QuickSupport application icon onto your VERIS system Desktop.
    4. Close the disk image window.
    5. Run the new TeamViewer QS application.
    6. When an ID number appears in the TeamViewer QS window, email that number to
  4. At the agreed-upon time for your online support session,
    1. Double-click on the TeamViewer icon on your desktop to start the application.
    2. Wait for a green light at the lower left corner of the TeamViewer window to indicate connection to the TeamViewer servers.
    3. Call EDI at 650-631-0120 to tell us your ID number if you have not already done so. We need this to initiate the support session.
    4. If you experience any problems please call EDI or send an email describing your experience to for additional assistance.

Additional information about TeamViewer (e.g., security, platform requirements, etc.) may be found at