VERIS™ Science Software
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VERIS Science is designed for clinical or basic scientific research. It provides all features and functionality of VERIS Clinic PLUS complete user control over all stimulation, recording, and analysis settings. VERIS Science users can modify predefined recording, analysis protocols, and data plots or create new ones from scratch. Customized settings can be saved for future use and optionally secured with user name and password authorization.

  • Includes the full complement of standard protocols for mfERG, mfVEP and conventional steady-state, transient ERG, VEP and Ganzfeld recording included with VERIS™ Clinic.
  • Provides additional flexibility by allowing modification of any predefined protocol and creation of entirely new stimuli and protocols for electrophysiological recording and data analysis.
  • Fully upgradeable; all recording, analysis, and data files are compatible with VERIS™ Pro software.