VERIS™ Clinic Software
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VERIS Clinic is designed for routine clinical electro-diagnostic testing. It provides a wide variety of standard protocols for mfERG, mfVEP as well as all conventional flash and pattern ERG and VECP protocols.
  • Full scope of standard visual electrodiagnostic testing and data analysis.
  • Predefined stimulation and recording protocols compliant with ISCEV standards.
  • New, internal database designed specifically for ease of clinical use
  • The user can customize the data presentation, if necessary with the help of EDI’s secure online support.
  • Patient information need be entered only once; thereafter it is automatically entered for subsequent tests performed on the patient.
  • Data can be automatically compared with one or more previous records, with a selected baseline set or with the average of data from normal subjects..
  • Test protocols are selected from a short list and run with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Easy structure-function comparison: Fundus photos, visual field, angiograms imported in the patient's VERIS data folder can be shown overlaid with matching multifocal Veris data using simple drag and drop.
  • Data files can be locked to prevent accidental elimination.
  • Data files can directed to be stored on any other server on the same network.
  • Veris™ Clinic software is compatible with VERIS™ Science, and Pro software and fully upgradable.