TPI Option

Through-Pupil Infrared Illumination Option
for FMS Stimulators

designed and manufactured exclusively by
Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.


FMS III with TPI Module

FMSIII without TPI

FMS III without TPI Module

The Through-Pupil Illumination (TPI) option is available for our FMS I, FMS II, and FMS III stimulators. It eliminates the need for any additional equipment (i.e., the COBRA or special (Burian-Allen Infra-Red electrodes) previously required to provide trans-scleral infrared fundus illumination for fundus monitoring during ERG recording. The FMS III can be purchased with or without the TPI option. The TPI option also can be purchased as a modification to FMS I, FMS II, and FMS III stimulators as an upgrade.
  • Eliminates necessity for COBRA or BAIR electrodes to provide infrared fundus illumination for FMS I, FMS II, or FMS III stimulators, simplifying ERG recording.
  • Improves IR illumination of the fundus when compared to trans-scleral methods.
  • Provides better IR fundus image quality when compared to that obtained with trans-scleral illumination.
  • Requires no other additional changes to your VERIS hardware or software.
NOTE: A TPI upgrade to your current FMS stimulator will require that it be returned to EDI for modification.