High-Resolution Color Stimulator
Magnification-Compensating Refractor

designed and manufactured by
Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

The EMS IV integrated eye monitoring, refractor, and stimulus display system provides a less expensive alternative to the fundus monitoring FMS IV stimulator. It uses the same fast-switching, high-luminance, color stimulus display and refractor/eye camera functions as the FMS IV but does not have the FMS IV infrared fundus imaging capabilities. Designed and constructed only by Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc., the EMS IV is fully integrated with, and completely controlled by your VERIS™ system software.
  • Internal high-resolution, color, LCOS stimulus display
    • 1280 x 1024 pixels at 60, 75, or 85 Hz
    • 40 microsecond response time
      • Stimulation restricted to first 2 milliseconds of each frame for ERG stimuli
    • 24-bit RGB color (8 bits per channel)
      • LED life expectancy: 1,000 hours
      • Red: 627 nm typical, half-width 20 nm at 25 deg. C.
      • Green: 530 nm typical, half-width 30 nm at 25 deg. C.
      • Blue: 470 nm typical, half-width 20 nm at 25 deg. C.
    • Greater than 300 cd/m2 maximum luminance
    • Field of stimulation: approx. 50 deg. diameter
  • Infrared Video (External) Eye Imaging
    • IR Eye camera provides magnified image of eye for accurate alignment and monitoring.
    • Uses IR LEDs: 850 nm dominant wavelength; half-width 45 nm at half intensity.
  • Refractor provides single-knob correction of spherical refractive error with automatic compensation for magnification to project properly focused and sized stimulus to the subject's retina.
    • Maximum myopic correction > -20 D SPH