"Silver Bullet" Ganzfeld Stimulator

designed and constructed by
Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

Silver Bullet

Currently Available

This full-size, all solid state Ganzfeld stimulator by Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. is completely integrated with the VERIS multifocal electrophysiological system and is fully controlled by the VERIS software. Included is a calibrator, also fully integrated with your VERIS software, for simple and accurate photometric background and stimulus calibration. VERIS software also includes easy-to-use, automated protocols for traditional EOG, ERG, and flash VEP stimulation, recording, and data analysis that comply with the standards specified by the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology in Vision (ISCEV).
  • All solid state engineering.
  • Veris software provides complete and continuous control of ...
    • 4 color LED arrays for background illumination and flashes: Red, Green, Blue, and Amber
    • flash intensity (maximum > 30 cd•sec/m2 at 4 msec duration).
    • background luminance (maximum > 1000 cd/m2).
    • programmable flash duration.
    • 3 fixation LEDs for EOG recording.
  • VERIS software includes fully automated protocols for traditional ganzfeld ERG, EOG, and flash VEP stimulation, recording, and analysis.