FG1 Fresnel Ganzfeld Stimulator

designed and constructed by
Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

FG1 handheld
FG1 on arm

This all solid state Ganzfeld stimulator by Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. provides a cost-effective alternative to a full-size Ganzfeld. It is capable of performing all of the functions of the G2 and provides additional versatility for use in the clinic, operating room, or laboratory. Its lightweight construction, built-in infra-red video display, and stimulus trigger make it an ideal handheld stimulator for the reclining or supine subject. An optional adjustable headrest with a quick-release mounting make it equally convenient to use with an articulating instrument arm. The flat design with a sealed Fresnel lens reduces transmission of airborne pathogens that can be trapped in the spherical cavities of conventional Ganzfelds and provides for easy cleaning.

The FG1 is completely integrated with the VERIS multifocal electrophysiological system and is fully controlled by the VERIS software. Included is a calibrator, also fully integrated with your VERIS software, for simple and accurate photometric background and stimulus calibration. VERIS software also includes easy-to-use, automated protocols for traditional EOG, ERG, and flash VEP stimulation, recording, and data analysis that comply with the standards specified by the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology in Vision (ISCEV).

  • All solid state engineering.
  • Four (red, green, blue, and amber) 12-bit LED design for background and flash.
  • Three red fixation LEDs for flash stimulation and EOG recording.
  • Lightweight construction (approx. 1 kg) for handheld use.
  • Manual or software-controlled flash trigger.
  • Built-in infra-red video display of the test subject's eyes and electrode position.
  • Large bowl for binocular stimulation.
  • Veris software provides complete and continuous control of ...
    • flash intensity (maximum > 30 cd•sec/m2).
    • fine (12-bit) flash chromaticity and luminance control.
    • flash duration.
    • background luminance (maximum > 1000 cd/m2).
    • background chromaticity.
    • 3 fixation LEDs for EOG recording.
  • VERIS software includes fully automated protocols for traditional ganzfeld ERG, EOG, and flash VEP stimulation, recording, and analysis.
Optional Accessories :
  • Adjustable headrest with quick-release mount and countebalanced articulated instrument arm .