Eye Camera / Refractor System

designed and constructed by
Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

EyeCam/Refractor Photo
The Electro-Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. eye camera /refractor system is a compact device that provides spherical correction of the subject's refractive error without change of magnification and also provides a magnified video image of the subject's eye. This allows the examiner to monitor ERG electrode position, ocular alignment and, to some degree, fixation stability during electrophysiological testing. The video camera settings are controlled by the VERIS™ software. Eye camera / refractor systems are integrated into our EMS and FMS stimulators.
  • Provides easy, single-knob spherical refractive correction from ~ -8 to +6 diopter.
    • Unlike Lens Kit refraction, this method does not change the size of the visual field tested by the stimulus array.
  • Incorporates an IR camera that provides a coaxial view of the pupil of the stimulated eye.
    • The camera greatly facilitates alignment of the refractor to the patient’s eye and permits real-time monitoring of fixation stability during recording.
    • It is possible with this camera to detect breaks in fixation by as little as 1 degree.

Note: When recoding from patients with poor central vision, EDI recommends fundus monitoring with the VERIS™ FMS IV Stimulator Assembly. Fundus monitoring is not included with the Eye Camera / Refractor System or our EMS stimulators.